That’s Vile indie sculptures will turn your stomach, yet grab your attention

Into shocking or creepy designs that will grab peoples attention? IndieBloom are pleased to reveal to you, That’s Vile.

Are you scared?

From the twisted mind of Jason Rooney from Peterborough, UK, he describes his work as ‘Horror art masks and sculptures, weird and gross stuff’. They include demon babies, disfigured beings, bodily waste and other monstrosities too warped and messed up to describe or print here.

Started around 3 years ago, the indie idea of That’s Vile came about from a love of creating things. Jason says ‘I found I needed to make something nearly everyday and when I felt that the things I made were good enough to sell I decided to open a shop.’

His skills were honed from doing a foundation art course at college after school, while his influences and inspirations are heavily from 80’s horror, specifically the rubber monsters from the Garbage Pail Kids and Ghoulies. ‘Anything that traumatised me as a kid or creeped me out.’ The effect would remain the same for most people seeing his creations 😱😁


The sculptures are made out of different types of polymer clay, with certain varieties being mixed to get the correct look. The typical process for bringing the That’s Vile sculptures to life starts by creating an armature to place the clay over, usually made from foil and moulded into shape. The clay is rolled thin and layered over the armature and sculpted onto it, adding any eyes, teeth etc. The sculpture is then baked in the oven and painted once hardened. This YouTube video shows the process creating a That’s Vile creepy creature.

A day for Jason on That’s Vile usually starts by rolling out clay, creating 3 or 4 sculptures or adding finishing touches to ones from the previous day. Next, sees him packing up and sending out any sold orders. After that, it’s back to sculpting or painting and taking photos of finished sculptures and uploading them to the Etsy store.

When we asked what’s his favourite design created for That’s Vile, Jason replies, ‘I don’t have a single specific design, it’s probably the Disturbie range of sculptures I make as it’s fun to create different ideas with a single design.’ Which one is your favourite?


While being so busy there’s not much time for custom requests, though there are some for certain ideas. Whereas the most challenging experience encountered occurs with the process of forming an idea, then being able to execute it. This is because Jason rarely has a specific idea of what he’s going to make, ‘Just a vague idea and then see where it goes.’

The most pleasing situations so far for That’s Vile are always feedback from people saying how happy they are with their piece. However, as most of the sculptures are sent overseas, Jason rarely gets to see peoples reactions. From what he’s seen though, they seem genuinely repulsed, which makes him happy 😄 Even better, when someone as internationally known as Snoop Dogg makes a meme out of your work 😎

Again, being very busy sculpting and creating, Jason hopes to set up a dedicated website in the near future for That’s Vile. The past advice he’d give himself would be to, ‘Trust what you do, buy in bulk and invest in bubble wrap.’

Big shop of horrors

The negative impact of COVID for That’s Vile has only been via postal services, in that there’s been some delays. Though the upside of this pandemic has seen people spending more time at home discovering Jason’s art and brand.

Future plans for Jason would like him to experiment with different materials such as silicone and make larger creatures. We’d love to see those.

If you have a twisted, morbid style, or like your indie art different, then do check out That’s Vile‘s Etsy shop. Also give a follow on their Instagram Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok pages. Many thanks again to Jason for answering our questions for IndieBloom while he’s been busy 👍