Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer Is Like An Indie Mario Galaxy

Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer is a cutesy, colourful based 3D planet platformer videogame currently in development that we’ve come across here at IndieBloom. Kind of think similar to Super Mario Galaxy, but instead with a rabbit.

The plot revolves around you controlling the rabbit defeating planets- surreal we know πŸ˜› Keep your planet eater alive by feeding it celestial bodies β€” it’s fine, we swear.

Visually cute, very colourful and bright as everything on screen moves at a rapid pace, like an intense trip through space. This is not Bugs Bunny set in a new version of Space Jam.

The space team

Created by Jimmy (gameplay programming and player character animation), Cris (sound design, concept art, character design and player character modeling), Matt N (music, VFX and UI), and Matt W (planet modeling/ animation and boss behaviour programming). A small team based mainly in Philadelphia, USA.

As previously stated, fans of Super Mario Galaxy will find Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer an intriguing title to check out. The elements of this type of platform video game was originally conceived by Nintendo around January 1997, for Super Mario 128.

A cancelled code-name for Super Mario 64 on the 64DD. Then appeared various mechanics for the game such as the spherical levels for the GameCube.

Free to download (or name your own price) and play on PC. Check it out and have fun being in control as the space knight bunny, we’re sure you will. Be your own version of the Silver Surfer and Galuctus flying around space and eating planets.


Play the game, leave a comment, any feedback, improvements plus suggestions below. Or you can reach out to the team directly on the indie gaming platform, itch.io to tell them how much you enjoyed the experience or see what they are up to next with Hyperhop: Galactic Lancer.