Joelle Jacobs baked treats are an indie sugar rush

Is sugar your weakness, vice or gets your taste-buds the most active? Or don’t know what a blondie is, but would be up for trying one? If so, IndieBloom are serving you some sugary goodness with Joelle Jacobs Baked Treats.

Tasty treats

Started by Joelle Jacobs in London, UK as something she wanted to do for a while but didn’t know where to start or have the confidence.

I was making cakes for family and friends after work and weekends but wanted to do it full time. My time at a job came to an end and I didn’t know what I was going to do because I really didn’t want to go and work for someone else again, so I decided go for it and use social media to promote my cakes/bakes. I felt like I wasted a lot of time procrastinating so I just became fully engrossed in creating Joelle Jacobs Baked Treats.

From baking at home a long time ago to making simple crumbles and cookies, Joelle took it seriously around 2014 as she loved making things to see how they’d turn out and feed it to everyone. Around that time she also went on a pâtisserie course out of interest and for a bit of fun, which in turn she really enjoyed and made her realise that baking is what she wanted to do. ‘I also found baking really helped me mentally and allows me to remain focused.’ Therapeutic.

Sweet like chocolate

To get the creative juices flowing, Joelle starts by thinking about the things she likes to eat or make. She’ll try them, sometimes it doesn’t turn out how she imagined and things go wrong, but it’s definitely a learning curve so she’ll tweak it until happy. If it’s a cake, sometimes it’s a collaboration between herself and the customers ideas or could be completely up to her in which she feels works best as she doesn’t have to think about it too much and just be creative.

Being imaginative makes it difficult for her to pick her favourite treat to create. ‘OMG!! I don’t think I could choose, it changes all the time. Any cake decorated really pink and girly or children’s cakes are always fun to do.’ Which one of Joelle’s treats are your favourite? While Joelle’s favourite sweet treats are between the Nutella and Kinder blondie or Kinder
Bueno Brownies
, simply stating that she definitely recommends it!

There aren’t any vegan treats, as Joelle believes it’s best to leave it to the bakers that specialise in that area. Sorry for all you vegans out there looking to get your fix here.

Though Joelle doesn’t deliver cakes personally herself, she does use an external delivery company which she is delighted to be able to use as they deliver throughout London. Her postal treats can also be posted anywhere in the UK which she is delighted about🙌

While a website will be most definitely coming out soon! Keep an 👁 out.

Sugar and spice…

A typical week day for Joelle and her Baked Treats starts about 7/8am to check emails and do a bit of admin. Then to her kitchen for about 9am, unless she needs to pop to the shops. ‘Start baking and decorating the cakes.’ On a good day she’ll leave about 4pm and then go for a walk. Once home she’ll answer a few messages/comments and plan for the next day. ‘Each day is always different especially as it’s only me for now but it can definitely be a juggle at times.’

Growing the independent brand was a challenge for Joelle, from actually starting from nothing at all and putting herself out there. While also having to adjust to a new ‘normal’ of running a business during a global pandemic and all the disruptions that came with it. ‘Also, a lot of self doubt and thinking that no one would be interested and learning to not listen to that voice and do what I want anyway.’

If Joelle were to look back, ‘I would advise my past self to just go for it and stop waiting until its perfect or until I’ve got everything I need and just do it and learn, embrace the mistakes and have fun.’

While COVID has really helped her small business with the postal service set up, as it was ideal to carry that on meeting the demand of everyone wanting to send baked gifts to their loved ones. Joelle also introduced 4 inch mini cakes which were perfect, plus popular for the at-home celebrations.

With all this the most pleasing thing for Joelle has been her repeat customers, ‘I actually can’t believe it sometimes’ she replies astounded. While also speaking to some of the amazing bakers/people through Instagram makes her proud☺

What’s next for Joelle Jacobs Baked Treats?

Definitely to introduce some new flavours, hopefully keep growing and meet the demand with some help. Offer some cake classes or something along those lines and definitely get my website up and keep bringing everyone delicious teats!



With a very busy schedule and lots of ambition planned for the future, Joelle’s sweet treats are available for any occasion such as birthdays, baby showers, gender-reveals, anniversaries or just to treat yourself now that the weather is getting better and lockdown is coming to an end. Here at IndieBloom we’re always keen to fill your appetite with current food and snacks. To check out the latest sweetness, follow Joelle on Instagram or get your own cake (having had a birthday cake made by her, we definitely do recommend 👍) , along with checking out the consistent 5 star reviews on her Etsy page ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐