African-inspired designs by HΔTINSKY that tell a story

IndieBloom are pleased to introduce another Bogota-based Colombian, Hatinsky (stylised as HΔTINSKY). An illustrator and print designer, who helps create unique products presenting their visuals to the world.

I suffered from racism, that motivated me to create a visual language inspired by African aesthetics that together with multiple influences was born a mixed style that is not limited and explores multiple ideas.

African inspiration

Heavily inspired by African culture, from its large number of patterns, repetitions of shapes, colors and lines that are established as sacred. The effect when colliding with patterns deviate, creating a sense of protection for those who wear them, therefore the motifs used attract attention and establish the rhythm of any surface. A description HΔTINSKY uses to describe his work.

However, his craft is not inspired only by the continent of Africa, a mixture of many styles and artists from many parts of the world. As Africa and the traditional world is culturally incredible, magical and it provides him a creative spark everyday, wherever he looks.

Further motivations come from: Catalina Estrada, Laolu Senbanjo, Karabo Poppy, Esther Mahlangu, Moschino, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Beyoncé, Goyo, Vlisco, Mike Karolos, Wassily Kandinsky, op art, kinetic art, Felipe Pantone, Ray Oranges, Ledania, Maria Picassó i Piquer and many more.

Artwork by Catalina Estrada

Throughout his career HΔTINSKY has learnt to be innovative by utilising everything around him and never run out of ideas, memes have been especially resourceful – influences are anywhere.

Starting from a very young age, HΔTINSKY always knew his world was in the arts. By recreating characters from Dragon Ball Z cards, drawing as many as he could. People around him were impressed, which motivated him even more to keep drawing and develop his skills.

Drawing was left for a while then took up again at university, where he studied graphic design to learn and understand the world of design and art completely. During this intense process, finding and developing a style, he locked himself inside improving himself. It was here the love of African geometry came from and since then, he’s never looked back.

African geometry, inspiration for HΔTINSKY

Hat In The Sky

If you’re wondering what the name is about, HΔTINSKY (hat-in-sky) is a literal translation of hat in the sky. A lover of hats who always wears them, which is like a personal brand where many people don’t even know his name, while those who personally do, recognise him as ‘the boy in the hat’ (there are no pictures of him online, which add to the mystique about him and his work). The name is also a metaphor that represents all ideas coming from the hat.

Design work by HΔTINSKY

Starting off

The main technique HΔTINSKY uses for his work is Surface Design, a term better known as Surface Pattern Design. Which consists of giving a special value to surfaces through patterns or prints understanding their development, not as simple continuous designs but as images that tell stories helping to enrich, highlight and create unique products.

Its versatility allows for different applications in textiles, architecture, ceramics, advertising, home design, stationery, jewelry, among other things. A print can be on a t-shirt, stationery products, the design of a gift wrap etc- the applications are endless.

Originally starting off with manual techniques, soon the switch to digital made HΔTINSKY fall passionately in love with it and became his primary tool to create. In his own words, it is the longest relationship I have had so far, HAHA.


In 2019 HΔTINSKY collaborated with the fashion designer Sulma Arizala and created the Altagracia collection, a haute couture collection inspired by Afro women. He created the patterns for the fabrics while Sulma created the suits.

Browsing through his Instagram, an interesting photo appears of a condom. What made this special was the story behind it, which is due to the worldwide coronavirus issue. To show all the funny and absurd situations that occurred, such as the excessive purchase of toilet paper, food, etc. This in turn developed a project called QUARANtime (quarantine time), a critique during the pandemic.

Something that was constantly happening in the news in Colombia, were people who violated the quarantine by having sex in motels operating illegally. They had to be closed and if they were discovered were fined and sometimes arrested. Therefore the reason for the condom design is to criticise this situation. The pattern of the virus in the condom represents all the people who go out to have sex pretending that the virus does not exist and they are not going to be infected, as well as a reflection that the virus does not discriminate against ages, location, sex, status, etc.

Therefore HΔTINSKY’s work is telling us that acting in a rebellious and irresponsible way will only make the situation worse. You must think about everyone and not only yourself.

What’s next

HΔTINSKY’s schedule sees them currently working on many things, which can’t be revealed yet because the mystery would be lost 😛

They are developing new personal projects to improve their processes, while creating new collections for other clients, building their visibility further on social networks and searching for new paths in the foreign market.

Along with opening a store on Displate, where people from all over the world can get their amulet designs in a decorative painting. However, as a spoiler, he’s told us that he has other clothing collections made, which have not yet been released to the public…

If you’re further intrigued with HΔTINSKY’s work, his main social channel is Instagram. In addition, there’s also a Linktree linking to his Behance portfolio and WhatsApp number. Do stay tuned.