Juan Morales’ art showcases the cute and colourful side of Colombia

IndieBloom are always on the lookout to unearth you talent from all over the world. Here, we present to you – Juan Morales, art director and illustrator hailing from the sunny, South American capital of Bogota, Colombia.

@byjuanmorales is an artist that has combined the best in publicity, design and illustration to make his art an universe of histories of surreal characters, experiences and passions. Everyday life on the street is part of his inspiration. Endless visual narrations different from each other but with an unique aesthetic that find in his style an unique expression.

Juan of the best

To see the range of his work, do pay a visit to his Behance page – an online social media portfolio platform owned by Adobe, that showcases creative content from individuals to inspire and hire.

Primarily colourful cartoony art styles of cute human characters and animals are presented on his Instagram profile.

Juan Morales’ credits include art direction for recycling plastic into Volvo cars and Marvel’s Avengers Endgame licenced yoghurts for kids. Helping the environment and kids 😎


Since I was a child I found drawing art very interesting and I was inspired by all the artists that made art throughout Japanese anime. But when I got into college I realized that my own style was very important in order to stand out from other artists. In my designs I like to play with textures and big eyes. The eyes in my work are an important characteristic. I enjoy sharing stories in my work that people might like.  

Influences from all over the world, both far and near (USA and Japan), meshed together to create a special blend of art. His Instagram account shows the reach of his audience next to some recognisable, international landmarks. Montreal, Budapest, New York City, Chicago, Paris (The Lourve), Argentina and good old London. You can further show your support by requesting his art on t-shirts by personally sending a DM on Instagram (and ask for some stickers 😉 ).

¡Viva Colombia!