Geneva Bowers Is The Current Go-To Artist For Your Visual Needs

Colourful, stylish art that generates emotion and tells a cool story always grabs our attention here at IndieBloom. Geneva Bowers/GDBee, does exactly that.


Her artistic career took off by originally wanting to play games for a living, while having a passion for illustration at a young age. This saw her eventually moving to the mountains in North Carolina to pursue her dream that specialises mostly in digital art.

The feelings of peace and calm are often reflected in the artwork made, along with its nature, night skies, and general nerd culture appreciation.

A YouTube interview explains reading a German comic book called Orange by Benjamin Zhang Bin was the main inspirational spark. While other aesthetic motivations for her ‘female-centric‘ designs are the digital illustrator Anna Dittmann, the Japanese film, Ponyo by Studio Ghibli, along with her passion of a combination of fruit and drinks.


Impressive accolades include a 2018 Hugo Award for best fan artist. A self-published webtoon called HoverGirls about two cousins who are ‘monster-fighting magical girls on the side’, trying to make it while earning a living as baristas at the worlds favourite coffee conglomerate. Along with various cover and header illustrations on indie and editorial publishing.

While further exposure include illustration credits for mainstream books such as Beyonce: Shine Your Light.


Her art has allowed her to transition to various forms such as accessories, apparel, artwork, books and stationery. In the process, her work is bringing attention to social issues (Black Lives Matter), along with raising funds for the Bail Project (‘a critical tool to prevent incarceration and combat racial and economic disparities in the bail system’).

If you can’t get enough of Geneva’s work, you can follow and view it all on the latest social channels – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr (she has also previously used Twitch to showcase her drawing process). You can further show your support in anyway via her store. (^_^)