Step Your Birthday & Celebratory Gifts Up A Level With Little Goat Supplies

Always on the lookout to support emerging independent brands and businesses, IndieBloom introduce to you Little Goat Supplies. A tiny design studio based in London, obsessed with beautiful, modern stationery for those who still appreciate and have a passion for limited, luxury stationery.


A Little Goat was born

The little goat idea was conceived during December 2019 by Yael, a UX, design and tech specialist. Born during the start of this decade, the first collection was just in time for Valentines where the products are catered and crafted with lots of attention to detail, care and a design process to ensure everything produced is perfect.

Their overall goal and statement of intent is in bringing back the joy and surprise of receiving a card in the post. Something that is not depressing like a bill invoice or spam from a new restaurant that probably won’t be around in the next few months. Subsequently Little Goat Supplies make their stationery for people who still appreciate personal, handwritten messages.

You won’t find anything here that would have been at home in your mum’s stationery drawer.

Naming the studio

If you’re wondering the reasoning behind the brands name. There are two reasons I picked the name 1) The name comes from my name, which means Mountain Goat in Hebrew 2) goats are an amazing animal – they’re resourceful, agile and fast.

We learn through another blog post how Little Goat Supplies came into existence. Refining design ideas, deadlines to meet, patiently waiting and experiencing issues with suppliers, distributors and manufacturers- all frustrating, common issues one would expect and be aware of, running your own business. While adding to the unique vibe is that each collection is only for a very timed print run- so if something catches your eye, you need to be quick and buy it!


Stationery for all your needs

Any birthdays or other big occasions coming up for someone special in your life, or just feeling to treat yourself in the best possible way over the summer? We strongly suggest to check out the blog for entertaining, in-depth, personal and detailed behind the scenes accounts of the studio. The latest theme, Hot Girl Summer, is named after each of Yael’s exceptional girlfriends 😎 .

Also, as an exclusive, special deal, Little Goat Supplies are offering a 20% off* promo code (INDIEBLOOM) to use on the site for their products. Go on, treat yourself- you deserve it!

*No expiry code but it’s good for one use per customer.