Keepers Of The Trees Is A Couch Co-Op Videogame You Should Play

At IndieBloom we like an enjoyable, creative, thought-provoking videogame. We present to you Studio Chili, the team behind Keepers Of The Trees. Described as a couch co-op game and developed by a team of 22 at Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy.

The initial premise involves you and a friend playing as ‘keepers’, which are magical woodland creatures that are enforced with the power to control plants- think similar to Poison Ivy from Batman. They then explore the forest, which allows them to travel around, making sure everything is all yielding and lush, like a typical garden should be, or the gaming equivalent of the Garden of Eden.

Gaming Experience

Based around a capstone thesis, the team roles incorporate project leads, level design and a sole animator, Meredith May. While also added to the mix is Brenan Wayland, with his experience within the gaming industry, previously doing QA (quality assurance) on titles such as ΛRK: Survival Evolved.


With charming character designs and themes of nature and restoration which are similar to Nintendo’s videogame, Pikmin. Along with inspiration from the 2017 action-adventure, Metroidvania title, Hollow Knight. Fans of these titles will like what Keepers Of The Trees has to offer.

In further details about the Keepers Of The Trees, it started off as a pitch and the original theme revolved around balance set in a 2D platformer genre. The Keepers design was a popular factor among everyone as it seemed to create a symboitic bond within the level and world.

Play the game!

If you like what you see, do also sign-up as a play tester for Keepers Of The Trees ultimately getting to play the game and leaving your feedback and experience, explaining how much you enjoyed it. Which is greatly appreciated by the team!


Seeing the game grow

Subscribe and tune in regularly via their Twitter and Instagram to view the progress, along with updates of the development. Additionally, check out the blog for in-depth interviews and information about the game.