5 Kawaii Creation Handmade Gifts That Are The Cutest

Here at IndieBloom, anything cute, colourful and cool grabs our attention. Kawaii Creations is one of those individuals doing exactly that and who we recommend to check out.

Operating from Yorkshire UK, is Sarah with her handmade creations made with a range of materials that include resin, clay and paper.


Young & gifted

I have enjoyed crafting since I was a small child, I love working with a variety of materials including resin, clay, paper and anything else I can lay my hands on.

The gifts consist of charms, jewelry, artwork and pins. In tune with the ‘kawaii‘ theme are designs consisting of Pokémon’s Pikachu, pink unicorns, cuddly cats, gummy bears and thumb grids for the Nintendo Switch controller.

Recent updates show the various different types of plastic molds purchased from other small businesses and manufacturers used to craft the various pieces. It shows the mutual respect and support between independent individuals running a company.

More Kawaii Creations for you to explore, adorn with your ensemble and add to your trinket collection.

Super kawaii

‘Kawaii’, a term that is getting more popular and used in the Western world now. Popularised by fans of Japanese culture- anime, cosplaying and video games mainly. Singer Gwen Stefani phrased the words ‘super kawaii’ in her music along with the visuals with the Harajuku Girls, her 4 back up dancers.

Rapper Nikki Minaj’s one of many alter egos is called The Harajuku Barbie, that takes elements of this culture, especially with the pink clothing.


If you want to treat yourself or someone you know to some adorable gifts and quirky items from the UK, that you know are doing things indie, do give a follow on Instagram. Along with a Facebook page the brand has regular updates. Also reach out if you’d like specialised custom orders if you truly want your items unique.