Immerse yourself with an entertaining book with Frostbeard Studio and their soy scented candles

Frostbeard Studio is a brand for bookworms to pay attention to. Based in Minnesota, United States, the company creates handcrafted soy, scented candles and handmade goods, with book/reading titles such as ‘Bookstore‘, ‘Headmasters Office‘, ‘Old Books‘ and ‘Rainy Day Reads‘.

From the married couple, Roxie and Tom who are ‘huge book nerds’, began the company in 2011 after searching online for book themed and library scented candles.

Made in Minnesota

Frostbeard Studio – The Original Shop for Book Lovers’ Soy Candles.

With a studio at 3506 Chicago Ave. in Minneapolis, Minnesota their production and shipping is situated in-house. Named after a bearded friend who biked lots in Minnesota whose beard would become frosty- hence ‘Frostbeard’.

Massive book fans who like to brainstorm new essence ideas while reading. For them, bliss is coming up with amazing smelling scents, which as a result enhances a readers experience while indulging in their favourite books.

Having a strong passion for art and reading, Frostbeards mission statement includes 3 points.

  1. Create awesome things that need to exist!
  2. Encourage people to read, because reading is cool!
  3. Promote education and literacy through community outreach!

Making a difference

Examples of this include maintaining a small, sustainable handmade business, supporting schools, libraries and independent book stores. Community outreach tasks include running classes and workshops on how to make candles. Along with frequently donating candles to US literacy organisations via silent auction fundraisers or hosting book parties via their studio, partnering with local institutions.

IndieBloom are pleased to bring to you this brand, which is making cool scented candles, while making reading enjoyable and easily available to the masses. They have all the standard social channels available- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Purchase some merch, sign up to the newsletter, or if you’re in Minneapolis, check out the retail store and studio.