It’s so much more than just coffee with Wild Timor Coffee

Every bean counts. IndieBloom is proud to present to you, Wild Timor Coffee, a company that is more than just coffee. Founded in 2012 in Melbourne, Australia, by Shannon, Cameron, Tom P and Tom M, while in the Australian army deployed in Timor-Leste (a country in Southeast Asia, with heavy influences from Portugal during the 16th century, with Indonesia nearby. Australia is the country’s southern neighbour, with a population of over a million people).

Importing the organic coffee from Timor and building friendships with the locals, the brand is registered as a social enterprise. Encouraging change through sustainable methods and establishing an ethical trade model back to the source with medical supplies, education, solar panels and water tanks. During 2018, Wild Timor raised $5000 Australian dollars to fund school uniforms for students at a boarding school. The school is run by the Dominican Nuns in the Oecusse Enclave (a district of Timor-Leste). With around 70 school girls each year, the students are required to have two uniforms at a cost of $25 US dollars each.

A perfect mix and blend

Caramel, chocolate and cherry sweetness; hints of soft citrus and rum. Through ‘a freak of nature’ that hasn’t occurred since, these are the appealing tastes produced between the mix of the arabica and robusta coffee beans.

Their café is the Wild Timor Coffee Coburg, based in Melbourne. While the awesome company also sells its products online (including of course its coffee and beans), has various stockists around Australia, a VIP Club (which requires to create an account), merch and a blog with all the latest news.


Get your coffee fix, follow their Instagram, or give their Twitter a follow. Purchasing their fair-trade coffee is how their funds are raised, therefore providing the communities and local businesses. If you are also down in Melbourne, stop by at the café and try out the coffee (which was also recommended by Time Out).