Don’t Forget Your Joypad while checking this Twitch gaming channel

Feeling bored, restless and going crazy, being indoors during these current times? IndieBloom can help if you’re fans of Twitch, gaming, anime and Dragon Ball Z. You should check out Don’t Forget Your Joypad (DFYJ).


Early beginnings

Full-time Twitcher, Adam explains- From an early age gaming has been a main interest and escape. During the 1980’s and 1990’s console wars between the Super Nintendo and SEGA’s Mega Drive. A multi-format streamer who owns a Nintendo Switch, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and primarily plays on PC with a VR set-up (retro consoles also thrown in for good measure).

A Londoner with an encyclopedic knowledge of the London arcades, he would frequent them all, especially the Trocadero (RIP). Building up his gaming XP and knowledge he would associate himself with and build friendships with the arcade community during the evenings or weekends.

Game on🎮

A true gamer in that he plays a variety of games (Valorant being his current go-to) and regularly streams his experience for several hours. Here at IndieBloom we like to tune in and see what games are being streamed- it can vary from VR titles (Beat Saber, shown below), an indie or his trusted Dragon Ball FighterZ.


Levelling up

Adam has recently merged Don’t Forget Your Joypad into an online collective. Joining its ranks is his other Twitch channel, Lord Joypad. His DFYJ Twitch stream now regularly include podcasts with his other gaming friends. Past chats include ex-SEGA QA employees from the London team discussing the early years of Sonic The Hedgehog.

If you fancy yourself as the next Ninja streamer or keen to check the latest games, be sure to regularly tune into the Twitch channel or support, subscribe and donate, along with giving the Instagram, Discord, Facebook and Twitter accounts a follow and remember, Don’t Forget Your Joypad!