Punk Runner re-imagines a Blade Runner Paris

Punk Runner, by the Parisian freelance VR and 3D artist, Maxime Parata, is heavily influenced by the films The Fifth Element and Blade Runner along with the gameplay mechanics of Need For Speed Underground 2.

Created using the industry standard game engine, Unreal Engine 4, it’s set in a cyberpunk Paris setting, where you dart through traffic (or are you actually flying or driving the car? 🤔 ).


A work in progress

Currently in progress and on itch.io, the website for indie developers to host, sell and download their self-made games, Punk Runner intends to be an open-world gaming environment, including such mechanics as making the car customizable and upgradable.

As the game is still during its pre-alpha stage, the final look and feel is subject to change. Currently implemented is an interior view of the flying car, with the environment design built for futuristic Paris, with neon indicator effects added in.

Other updates and touches include making the surrounding environment look more busy, bustling, while remaining futuristic in tone with the flying traffic. Another major feature is open world racing gameplay, where you race around your settings, with the aid of neon green arrow indicators to led you to glory along the finishing line.

We look forward to seeing the end product!

Check out the recently added original song composition for Punk Runner by Boketto, titled Vertigo. The atmospheric instrumental track definitely evokes a sensation of vertigo, while also channels electronic elements of the audio works of Vangelis‘ Blade Runner soundtrack. If you do like what you heard, you can listen to more of Boketto’s music on SoundCloud, here.

Getting impatient waiting around for Cyberpunk 2077? Then check out and experience the dystopian odyssey of Punk Runner, by signing up for the free demo here or follow the behind-the-scenes development on YouTube. Be sure to check out IndieBloom for all the latest and refreshing indie games.