xxyxxyart beautifully captures cute dinosaurs and astronauts with limited hand sculpted designs

Some fingers.. Some clay.. IndieBloom welcomes you XXYXXYART, an artist who makes diminutive dinosaur and astronaut adornments.

Based in California, Joel finely mixes dinosaurs and space to the pieces which are limited in quantity, while being presented with well executed and staged shots.


Secrets of the trade

To make these little precious works of art, the main materials used are ceramic clay, ceramic glaze and precious metals. Steel wire loops are used in the pendants. While to finish the whole process off are nickel free, gold filled or sterling silver for the necklaces.

The ornaments are miniature, yet packed with gold and gold-plated elements along with iridescent details. The range of objects are necklaces, incense burners and figurines.

To infinity and beyond

Do check out the May 17, 2018 YouTube video from Sophie Helyn, titled Collective Holiday Haul, where she has received xxyxxyarts astronaut necklace which makes an appearance on-screen.

Descriptions when first viewing these accessories usually include “cute”, “cool” and “colourful”- they most definitely are indeed. You learn to appreciate the time, labour, dedication and skill required to produce the work on display. Whether it’s an astronaut riding a stegosaurus dinosaur or a UFO crash site, you can fully admire and marvel at the detail shown.

Show them off on display in your home or proudly wear them on yourself, to fully enhance your outfit with that unique touch.


For any budding Buzz Lightyear’s, passionate paleontologists, or just fans of Jurassic Park, you can view all the latest XXYXXYART announcements, here. Unlike the dinosaurs, they’ve recently jumped back onto Twitter and become more active on it.

Purchase all the latest items while you can, while also a useful listing schedule is available so that you’ll never miss the latest limited loot. Show some love or browse the full collection on Instagram.