Sunshine Harvest by Netspeak Games is a natural blend between Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley

IndieBloom have dug up and found for you the latest game you should check out. Newly formed London-based PC and mobile game studio, Netspeak Games present their maiden title, Sunshine Harvest.

The beta begins with your character in a farm, with the task of going around and planting/sowing sunflower seeds, waiting for them to flower, then sell them at markets or for deliveries. You then progress by leveling up, with further, more exotic produce, such as passion-fruit and wild mint.


Planting the seeds

The video-games, Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley are the primary influences, taking the elements of farm simulation and role-playing. Contemporary titles like Staxel, World’s Dawn, Voodoo Garden, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles and Moonlighter are also comparable. Fans of these titles will feel right at home, keen to grow, tend, sell and look after the progression of their farm.

Starting off with a base team of 5 members (which has now expanded). Netspeak Games innovate to create immersive, meaningful experiences that delight our players in a typical modern working atmosphere that involves no crunch periods during busy, critical periods.

Also championing diversity within the company, the aim of Sunshine Harvest is to spread among a massive audience, while creating long-lasting communities. Described as a non-violent social MMO for everyone to play and enjoy.


Play the game

Cultivate your yield and become the virtual version of Jethro Tull via the beta on both the App Store and Google Play. The plan is to launch it first on smartphones and PC at the beginning, then the remaining platforms after that. Show your support for Sunshine Harvest by following them on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Plus, do leave your feedback about the game- as it’s still in its beta phase and early stages as a continuous work in progress.

It’ll be greatly appreciated by the team! 😀