The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre is a PS4 and PC video game heavily influenced by John Woo Hong Kong action films along with Hotline Miami’s ultraviolence.

First announced in 2014 and conceived by a duo of Swedish developers. The plot is set in the early 90’s which revolves around a former police detective seeking reprisal for his wife’s murder, while encountering the Chinese underworld. Hong Kong is presented here in a saturated, neo-noir, grimy locale, with much gleaming neon in the same vein as Kane and Lynch 2.

Rather testing (just like the Hotline Miami series) with one-hit kills combined amongst slow motion mechanics made memorable by Max Payne. As you will die lots there is a pick up and play sense – a major tip is to utilise the dive and roll manoeuvres to avoid seeing the game over screen. One feel that did hinder the gameplay where the loading times, it would be great if they are increased to get straight back into the gunplay.

Challenges reward you with upgrade points for weapons- such as not using slow-motion in a level or completing a level under a set time, which in turn you can increase your ammo or give an extra boost in your movement to increase your livelihood of (limited) survival.

Fans of masochistic gaming and pleasure will fulfil their needs playing The Hong Kong Massacre, including a banging soundtrack, ultimately inspired by Drive‘s to accompany the occasion.

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